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Certus Innovations designs and develops custom software and hardware solutions on numerous development platforms and provides continuous improvement of solutions’ quality, efficiency, and risk mitigation.

  • Straightforward, cost-effective products.
  • Individualized custom pricing packages.
  • Best practices for the industry.
  • Customer-focused team culture.
  • Innovative and daring.
  • Engage end-users throughout the process.

Our Leadership Team

Certus Innovations is a defense contracting firm based in upstate New York. It was founded by prior military service members who saw the need to provide our warfighters with practical solutions to meet their needs. Similar gaps exist with various branches of state and local public safety and private sector groups.

In response to the needs of these state and local agencies and private sector clients, Certus Innovations offers a suite of solutions to provide straightforward, cost-effective products and services to these organizations. In addition, individualized custom pricing packages ensure that the user purchases the best solution for their needs.

Richard Newkirk
Nicholas Campbell
Peter Scialdo
Chief Technology Officer