Innovative and powerful custom technology solutions to improve performance and reduce costs.

On Time. On Budget. On Point.

Certus Innovations is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) that provides professional services, including specialized expertise in high-technology solutions. Our core development team members have years of experience building scalable solutions for users worldwide.

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Meet Certus Innovations

In 2017, Certus Innovations was formed by prior military service members who saw technical solutions being developed in a black box and handed over to end users who were expected to use the solution. This led to frustrated end users who had solutions they couldn’t use, frustrated customers who would need to pay more money and spend more time adjusting the technology, and simply inadequate technology being placed in the field. Certus Innovations was formed with one simple goal: building technology that makes users’ lives easier. Certus is fixed, resolved, settled, trusty, and reliable. These are the values we bring to each client and project.


No matter how big or small the project is, we require excellence. No exceptions.

Customer Focused

When clients work with us, they know we have their best interests in mind.

Team Focused

There are no minor roles on the team, and everyone brings a valued perspective.

True North

Our guiding principle of doing what is right. No cutting corners and ensuring complete honesty. We look to True North to help guide us while making difficult decisions.

Our values are geared toward excellence and satisfaction internally and for our clients.

  • Quality of the product
  • Adherence to our process
  • Delivery on time
  • Respectful of our client’s time and budget
  • True to who we are as individuals and collaboratively as Certus Innovations

Learn more about Certus Innovations and our commitment to True North.

What We Do

Software Development

Certus Innovations has extensive experience with government and private sector software development. Services include backend development, cloud engineering, mobile development, web development, and machine learning.

Hardware Development

We design, develop, and build custom IoT devices. We have an in-house assembly line, and all devices are built with ITAR compliance components. Our custom IoT sensors have tracked assets all over the world.

Cloud Services

We offer a complete suite of cloud services to help you unlock the full value of the cloud and utilize digital solutions to deliver ongoing innovation.


ATLAS is a small, high-powered tracker integrated with the Air Force’s ATAK Server to provide near, real-time location of assets.

Our Work Process

Choosing Certus Innovations ensures a custom solution.

We bring the client in on the development. In all of our projects, we do iterative development and require feedback from the customer as the project continues to ensure we’re developing with the end user in mind.

Initial Meeting

We’ll have an initial meeting to get a good sense of what the customer is looking for.

Site Visit

Our engineers will do a site visit to observe the customer process and talk with end-users about their pain points.

Requirements gathering

Armed with the overall goal of the customer and a good sense of end-user pain points, we’ll do a requirements gathering of the final product with the customer.

Iterative Development

We do iterative development where the engineering team works with the end-user to set the goal over the next development period.

Demo the Development

We’ll demo the development to the end user and collect feedback to drive the next round of development.

Leading Innovation

Robust solutions for leadership, technology, and training.

Professional, and customized technology services that are solution-oriented for private and public companies worldwide.

Mission Statement:

Certus Innovations develops and builds cutting-edge technology that is end user-focused. The technology is created in an inclusive environment that draws the top technological and management talent.

Our executive team has created an environment focused on the following:

  • Developing cutting-edge technology
  • Building products that are beneficial and utilized not just in theory but impactful on companies, people, and communities
  • Creating an environment of inclusivity and respect
  • Drawing top talent to continually offer cutting-edge products and services

What Clients Say About Us

Certus delivers excellence from the work our team performs, the products we provide, and ultimately, the success of our clients.  


Exceptional at not only learning/capturing the user’s requirements but immersing themselves in the domain to understand and appreciate the operational use-cases and nuances to inform implementation.

DoD customer

The company holds its employees to a high standard, which is self-evident in the service and products they deliver.

Air Force Customer

We know we can turn to the Certus team to get the task accomplished on time.

DoD Customer

Time and again, this team has proven reliable in meeting milestones and deliverables.

Air Force Customer